Buying a New Home

Build your perfect home choosing every detail or Move Quickly In to a New, Builder Designed, Inventory home.

There are many reasons to buy a new home in the Orlando / Central Florida area, and many reasons why you shoud have representation when searching and going through the purchase / building process.

With our personalized buyers representation, we will guide you throgh the challanges of a new home purchase.

No Broker Fees, No Realor Transaction Fees. Our Service to you is absolutely Free.

New Home Listings in Central Florida

Using the quick links below, you can find New Homes, Town Homes and Condos for sale in all areas of Central Florida.

Why Buy a New Home?

  • Design Your Home: From Structural Options adding a gormet  kitchen or adding a bonus room, to Design iptions where you can select your personalized colors, flooring, cabnets, countertops and so much more. Your home will be a reflection of your style and personality.
  • Newest Building Standards:Todays homes use modern buildign codes that have been improved over the years to make homes safer, stronger and more energy efficiant that ever. A new home purchase gives you the peice of mind that your home meets or exceeds these stringent standards.
  • Energy Efficicant: New homes are much more energy efficiant than ever. Builders are including double pane windows with low-e glass to keep the air conditioning in and the heat out.. Energy Star Appliances are now typical and Air Conditioning Units are upgraded to assure maximun efficiancy. Every electrical and plumbing opening is sealed to make your home virtualy air tight.  Attic insulation is also improved and many builders offer radient barrier film or foam insulation in the roof trusses that add an extea layer of insulatoin to keep the attic cooler in the summer. Energy Efficandy is a major plus when looking at advantages of a new home purchase.
  • Newest Building Tends and Technology: New Homes in central Florida offer the latest designs in floor plans and home styles. They also include the latest technolggy in major appliances such as the Air Conditioner and Water Heater as well as smaller items like thermostat and smoke detectors. You will also have the option to add electronic and network featues to make a complete smart home.
  • Warranty: Roof, Appliances, Air Conditioner, Everyting is new and under warranty and the builder is also going to include a warrantey, typicaly for 1 year that covers just about everyting.
  • That New Home Feel: There is a special moment when you open the door to your new home, that you designed from the ground up, knowing that it was built just for you.

Why should I have representation when searching for a new home?

if you ever needed an agent it is when you are buying from a "professional seller" such as a builder.

Our job is to point out the pros and cons of what the builder is offering, such as, Is the premium they are charging you for the corner lot really going to make sense when you go to resell?

We can help you save thousands in the long run no matter what you're buying by helping you buy smart.