Seller Representation

Jason and Marion VanDam
Teaming Up

Making a decision to sell your property in Orlando requires knowledge of the community and the information network available to a professional Orlando REALTOR® without this information, knowledge of comparable homes and their selling prices, is substantially limited.

As downtown Orlando REALTORS® Jason and Marion VanDam have the knowledge and resources it takes to to market your property for sale in the Downtown Orlando and Horizon West Areas.

Eola Park Realty, Inc

We offer our community knowledge, proven negotiating skills, commitment to excellence and professionalism and will strive to provide you with the best Seller representation in the downtown Orlando and Horizon West areas.

When working with condo sales, we understand the hidden aspects of condominiums and condo associations making for a smooth listing and sale process.

Sell your downtown orlando condo

Eola Park Realty has worked with selling downtown condos and homes since 2006. We have the knowledge and experience it takes to take a condo from listing to closing, making a smooth selling process.

We are confident in our ability to list and sell your Orlando home or condo and back it up by allowing you to cancel a listing agreement at any time with no additional fees.


Because we are committed to preparing you to be an educated buyer, we will:
  • Work with you to price the property competitively.
  • Advertise your property on the MLS,, ZILLOW, and many other real estate websites.
  • Place our distinctive yard sign in a prominent area of your front yard.
  • Assess your property, and inform you of items that may need attention, both inside and out, that would be beneficial when showing it to potential buyers.
  • Hold open houses and keep you informed of the results.
  • Keep you informed at all times of any clients viewing the home and the results.
  • If you are in residence, make an appointment to show your home at your convenience.
  • Place an electronic lock box to the door enabling other Realtors to show your home. They are logged into and out of the home and we are notified.
  • Prepare studies of property values in chosen areas
  • Perform a market analysis on chosen properties
  • Advise you on terms and common contract contingencies
  • Write and present your purchase agreement to the seller
  • Negotiate on your behalf
Procuring a buyer for your home
  • We are responsible for marketing and showing the property and obtaining qualified buyers.
  • Neither party can change either the location, or the market conditions and there will always be competing properties.
  • As the seller, you have control of the terms and conditions as well as the list price of property.
  • Please keep in mind that a competitive price will attract more prospects

What's My Home Worth?

We will provide you with a current value estimate